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Our passion is to help people discover Truth for themselves by using the Inductive Bible Study method. We strive to accomplish this by offering Inductive Bible Studies, Training Workshops, conferences, and events for men, women, and students.


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If You Could Change the World, What Would You do First?

Inductive Bible study changes your world view

If you could change the world, where would you start?


Setting Your Students Up For Success!

Setting them up for success, Precept Ministries
In this short post we are addressing Bible Study Leaders. This information might be helpful to someone who is a teacher or leader in another context, but our primary target is Precept Bible Study Leaders. So, with that said.....

One sure way to set your students up for success in Bible Study is to orient them to the study your are doing. This may mean helping them understand how the homework is laid out, or how the lessons are put together. In many contexts it could mean helping them find the book of the Bible you are going to be studying.

2 Biblical Reasons Morgan Freeman is Not God, And Neither Are You.

Morgan Freeman, Precept Ministries

On July 6th Morgan Freeman was interviewed by Nicki Gostin Fox News. During the interview, when asked if he thought there was a god Mr. Freeman identified himself as God. It is hard to know exactly what he meant by that comment, but he said he was God. Nicki tried to gain a little clarity with the next question, “Because every man is created in God’s image?” To which Mr. Freeman replied “Yes or God’s created in my image” At that point the interviewer changes topics and we are left wondering what Morgan Freeman meant by what he said or if he said what he meant. None of us would take seriously Mr. Freeman's comments, but some of us act like God without saying it. And that is the serious point to this post.

Grow up! .... That's The Answer

Precept Ministries International

Do you ever have those sudden  moments of clarity when the answer to a problem becomes suddenly obvious? Do you know what we mean?  It‘s like someone turned on the lights and you think, “Oh, that’s it! That makes perfect sense!”

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