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Our passion is to help people discover Truth for themselves by using the Inductive Bible Study method. We strive to accomplish this by offering Inductive Bible Studies, Training Workshops, conferences, and events for men, women, and students.


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Is it Possible to Really Be Happy?

Happiness is a choice!

The search for happiness starts from birth. “M-o-m-m-y!” the child shouts, “I want more!” And from the cradle to the grave, people crave happiness. How about you? Would you say you’re truly happy?  The quest “for having more” doesn’t go away simply because you've become an adult. Often acquiring possessions can become an obsession. Your desires and wishes don’t always come with a price tag. You may long for a mate and children, or simply peace in your relationships.

What do you want—a bigger house, a better job, a beautiful wife, a loving husband? Stop for a moment and consider what it is you’re longing for. If you could have anything, what would it be? Does more wealth bring real happiness or better yet, contentment?

The Barbara Walters television specials are interesting to watch. As you view these programs and observe some of the people interviewed, it appears that no matter their fame, fortune, fabulous figures and physiques, there still seems to be a lack of contentment. Why is that?

It’s a matter of the heart. The word heart is used in the bible 896 times and if you’ve done many word searches, then you know that your heart is highly important to God.  The condition of your heart is the key to having true joy.

Do you find yourself angry, upset, possibly having a temper you can’t control? Do you frequently do things you wish you wouldn’t do? Have you given up thinking you will ever change? Are these issues in your life causing you pain and, therefore, you’re unhappy and joy in your life is lacking?

God never promised us happiness, but he did say we could have true joy and contentment.

How is this possible?

Investing in the Next Generation

Precept Ministries, Kay Arthur, inductive Bible study
Over the years Bible Study leader, Fran Idziak has sent a lot of students to Precept Ministries International’s Boot Camp, and the students she sends are serious about going deeper with the Lord. So, we asked Fran for tips we could share with other leaders who are interested in leaving a legacy by investing in the next generation. You need to know as you read this that Fran has teens in her Precept class, so some of her tips are specific to that context. However, the principles she shares are applicable regardless and valuable. This post goes along with Precept Radio “Legacy Building as a Bible Study Leader” on June 20th.  

1. Get the Word out

I try to supply every class with information about Boot Camp early in every study if not the first time the classes meet.

Bible study! What needs to happen before class starts?

inductive Bible Study, Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries, Starting Bible study classes


Beginning a Precept class has the potential of being one of your most spiritually profitable undertakings. Preliminary preparation is a key factor to beginning a productive time of study and growth, and it is never too soon to start considering the specific steps to take in order to be ready.

3 Parenting Non-Negotiables

non-negotiables, parenting, grandparents, parents, next generation, truth, respect, obedience,obey,precept ministries, kay arthur, david arthur, bible studies, inductive bible studies, children's bible studies

When it comes to parenting what are the basic things you cannot compromise on? What are your non-negotiables? Take a trip to the soccer field, a restaurant and even to church and you will soon find out the things you think are important are not necessarily important to everyone else. Why? Maybe it is because experience makes things clearer. Things parents can’t see are often clearer from a grandparent’s perspective.

Leaders Are Made, Not Born!

next generation, generational equipping, boot camp, raising leaders, transform, youth ministry, student ministry,summer camps, ritchie johnson,

When you hear the words Boot Camp you may immediately picture a military style camp with people in uniform and someone barking orders. Or perhaps, you envision a reform school for juvenile offenders with a strict disciplinary regime, hard physical exercise and community service programs. The Boot Camp we are talking about is neither one of those. When we say Boot Camp we are talking about a basic training program tailored to raising up students to become leaders who will impact their generation for Christ!

What is Boot Camp?

The Man Behind Transform Student Ministries

ritchie johnson, transform student ministries, transform, student ministry, generational equipping, next generation, precept ministries international, kay arthur, student conferences, youth ministry, youth leaders,

Transform Student Ministries is the generational equipping arm of Precept Ministries International and is dedicated to coming alongside teens, college students, and leaders to establish them in God’s Word. Ritchie Johnson is the Director of Transform.

We were given a chance to ask Ritchie a few questions about the challenges, joys, and vision for Transform Student Ministries.

How were you first introduced to Precept?

My wife started coming to student conferences and camps when she was 13. We started dating just before her last year of Boot Camp (I was a sophomore in college at the time), and you can imagine my surprise when she told me that she’d be out of town for two weeks to attend “bootcamp.” Ashley gave me my first Precept study Lord, I Need Grace to Make It. [Ritchie and Ashley have been involved with the student ministry as counselors, teachers, and members of the student leadership team for the past twelve years. They have three beautiful children who are quickly learning the Inductive Bible Study Method using many of the Discover 4 Yourself children’s studies.]

A Bible Study on Snake Handling and Worship

Precept Ministries, inductive Bible study,

On May 27, 2012,Rev. Randall “Mack” Wolford passed away after being bitten by a rattlesnake. His death was of course a tragedy. What makes Mack’s situation unusual is that he was bitten during an outdoor church service near Bluefield, WV. Mack was part of a very small group of churches who handle serpents during worship services. Mack was a snake handler. The movement started in the early twentieth century specifically because of a misunderstanding of Mark 16:17–18.

Backyard Bible Clubs

Bible clubs, Precept Ministries, D4Y
Looking for a way to reach your corner of the world for the kingdom of Christ?
Well, here is one. What about hosting a Backyard Bible Club this summer? A Back Yard Bible Club gives you the opportunity to impact your little corner of the world in the name of Jesus by engaging the kids in your neighborhood, and showing the love of Jesus to their parents.The impact you will make may not be fully realized until heaven.

What is a Backyard Bible Club?

A Backyard Bible Club is similar to a Vacation Bible School or a summer Bible study for kids in your own neighborhood. A lot of children can’t or won’t come to a church building for an event. This is your opportunity to bring the church to them!

Cookies on the Lower Shelf


Cookies on the Lower Shelf sounds like an odd name for a Bible study. You have to ask yourself what they mean by the title. Is this going to be one of those "over simple" Bible studies like we can buy in so many Christian book stores? Or, worse has Precept Ministries lost their mind and started watering down the Word of God?

When God Seems Silent

Precept Ministries, Inductive Bible Study, Ashlee Garcia
During this summer schedule we have been bringing you blog posts from our Transform Student Ministry Team. This one is from Ashlee who grew up with Precept Ministries as a significant part of her life. Ashlee describes herself this way.

Ashlee is a native New Mexican living as a missionary in Texas.She is a small group leader in the youth group of her church and has been involved with Transform Student Ministries for 13 years. She knows she brings nothing to the table with her relationship with God and any ministry He allows her to be a part of. 

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