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Our passion is to help people discover Truth for themselves by using the Inductive Bible Study method. We strive to accomplish this by offering Inductive Bible Studies, Training Workshops, conferences, and events for men, women, and students.


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The Greatest Challenge in the World

TheGreatestChallenge Web JP

       The Greatest Challenge in the World          

Have you ever thought about the greatest challenge in the world? Is it world hunger, literacy, stamping out diseases or ending all wars? Read how John Piper answers this thought-provoking question.                                     
Guest Blogger: John Piper is founder and teacher of  and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. Precept Ministries is honored to have John as one of our Guest Bloggers.

Never, never, never forget that Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all the peoples on this planet — the whole planet (Matthew 28:19-20). This is the greatest challenge in the world.

Let the emphasis fall on “all the peoples” — Greek, panta ta ethne (all ethnic groups in the world). Jesus bought men “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). Not some, but every.

The Two Most Important Marks of a True Disciple

marks of a true disciple,devotion,precept ministries,kay arthur,

The Two Most Important Marks of a True Disciple

There seems to be a lot of confusion among believers today about what characterizes a true disciple of Christ. However, the world has a pretty good idea of what a true disciple should be like and they are quick to point out the shortcomings of “Christians” they know.

It’s a sobering thought to know the people around you are looking for proof of your relationship to Christ. How does your walk hold up under the scrutiny of those closest to you? Do you bear the marks of a true disciple in such a way as to be recognizable to those you come in contact with day after day?

The Two Most Important Marks of All

Centuries ago, the experts in Jewish law took the Ten Commandments and over time expanded them into 613 laws. Jesus, however, took the Ten Commandments and summed them up into two: love God and love people.

Who is ISIS?

Who is Isis,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

Who is Isis?

For many of us, ISIS came screaming into our consciousness only after they captured Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. Suddenly we were confronted with a terrorist group that acted like an army. Their atrocities were demonic, beyond comprehension. As their brutal persecution of minorities and Christians caught my attention, I wondered who are these people and where did they come from?

Is There a Cross in Your Life?

cross in your life,alicia williamson garcia,inductive bible study,precept ministries,InWorship,kay arthur

Is there a CROSS in your life?

Before we talk about the characteristics of a disciple we need to answer one question, the most important question.

Step Here - The Making of a Disciple

step where I step,walk,follow,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

Step Here - The Making of a Disciple

It’s a short hike, but the view is spectacular. The trail is tucked along the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina. Access to the trail is well marked and the hike is manageable ... unless you’re five-years old.

A Brief History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

map of Israel,Israeli Palestinian Conflict,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

A Brief History of the Israeli -Palestinian Conflict

As a Christian I am wired to see things as black or white, right or wrong, sin or righteousness. It’s just simpler that way. However, many issues in this world don’t always fit into nice neat little packages. Sometimes things can’t be explained in 140 characters or even a facebook post. But, you knew that.

Knowing God - Taking Action!

Know God Take Action,inductive Bible study,precept ministries,kayarthur

Knowing God - Taking Action

Almost daily the news is not good. Twitter is aflutter with What’s Trending globally. War and crime images are posted immediately on Instagram. The stories go viral within minutes, literally the shots are heard, ‘round the world, almost in real time.

Knowing about God vs. KNOWING God

knowing about God,woe to you,inductive Bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

Knowing about God vs Knowing God

You know the story of Job. He loses everything except his life and his wife. In a matter of days Job’s world is turned completely upside down. Job ends up sitting in the dump, covered with sores, scratching himself with a broken piece of pottery. Three of his friends come to visit and are so overwhelmed by Job’s situation that they sit silently for a week.

Are You Running On Empty? 3 Steps For Refueling

KH July 14 Blog Pic

Are You Running On Empty?

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road because you ran out of gas? Not fun. Do you expect your car to run when it’s out of fuel? Countless people are running on empty and they don’t know it.

The Lord is MY Host

Psalm 23:5,The Lord is MY Host,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

 The Lord is MY Host! 

The scene changes here to a banquet hall where David is the guest of honor at God’s house, enjoying the hospitality characteristic of the East. Despite impending danger, the Lord spreads out a table for him, allowing David to rest, be refreshed and trust that God will protect and provide for him. This is an opportunity not only for David to know that he can trust God, but for us as well!

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