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Our passion is to help people discover Truth for themselves by using the Inductive Bible Study method. We strive to accomplish this by offering Inductive Bible Studies, Training Workshops, conferences, and events for men, women, and students.


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You Need a Transplant!

kidney transplant,kidney donor,one single voice

"You Need a Transplant"

“You need a transplant,” the doctor said and those words sounded like death to everyone in the room. My beautiful, vivacious, servant-hearted mom was the recipient of the news, but we all felt the impact. For a decade, we had prayed for healing for her kidneys. For a decade, we had waited anxiously after every doctor’s appointment to see how her numbers looked. For a decade, we had watched a slow deterioration in her health. I felt like I had been set down in the middle of a valley; and it was full of bones, Ezekiel 37:1b. The landscape of our life looked bleak.

The Greatest News Ever Heard

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The Greatest News Ever Heard

Death stalks the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated. Death is no respecter of race, color or creed. Its shadow haunts us day and night. We never know when the moment of death will come for us. Is there any hope? Is there a possibility of immortality?

Why is the Resurrection so Important?

He is risen indeed,up from the grave,inductive bible study,bible study,precept ministries

Why is the Resurrection so important?

For as long as anyone knows, perhaps as long as we have celebrated the resurrection, the Paschal or Easter greeting has been Christ is risen! and the reply that follows is He is risen indeed! This greeting, in a very simple way sums up the core of Christianity.

Good Friday

Good Friday,inductive bible study,bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

 Good Friday

The Friday before Easter, Good Friday, or in some traditions Black Friday, the church, the body of Christ around the world pauses to focus her gaze on the Cross at Calvary. It is at the cross that we see how great the Father’s love for us is.

Maundy Thursday

lord's supper,communion,inductive bible study,bible study,precept ministries

Maundy Thursday

You might be wondering what Maundy Thursday is. It is the beginning of the three day celebration of Easter - The Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. It is the most important time of the year for Christians. Maundy Thursday commemorates the last supper Jesus had with His disciples.

The Anointed King

the anointed king,mary lasarus' sister,inductive Bible study,bible study,precept ministries

The Anointed King!

If you have been reading the verses we have shared since Palm Sunday you realize it is not easy to figure out what happened on each particular day of the last week of Jesus’ ministry on earth. The events are strung together one after the other and it is sometimes difficult to tell where one day ends and the next begins. But, by the time we get to Wednesday, it is almost impossible to clearly identify the events of the day.

The Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus' Authority

pharisees,scribes,inductive Bible study,bible study,precept ministries

The Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus' Authority

On Sunday the crowds cried

Monday: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jesus,temple cleansing,bible study,inductive bible study,precept ministries


Jesus Cleanses the Temple

On Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem, not on the back of a powerful prancing white stallion, but on the embarrassingly humble and small back of a donkey. He came in to Jerusalem that day just as Zechariah promised almost 550 years earlier (Zechariah 9:9). That evening He returned to Bethany, probably to the home of Lazarus (John 12:1).

Holy Week: Palm Sunday

Triumphal entry,Jesus,bible study,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur

Holy Week: Palm Sunday

This is Holy Week, the week just prior to Easter or Resurrection Sunday. Many churches see this as a time to remember the suffering and death of Jesus through various traditions and worship services.

Life Hurts!

life hurts then you die,abuse,inductive bible study,precept ministries,kay arthur,heartache

Life Hurts!

As a young believer a wise mentor told me “The enemy knows he can’t have your soul so he will do everything he can to keep you from doing what God has called you to do!” I’ve thought a lot about that over the years.

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